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10mm loads, light or heavy.


Dec 20, 2023
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Pertaining specifically to ammo such as offerings by Underwood, they’ve got some very fast light loads for 10mm, or some (relatively quick compared to other pistol chambering) heavyweight stuff. Obviously their hard cast 200 Grain is great for bear, but I don’t do much bear hunting (unlike @PanhandleGlocker who can be found hot on the scent of any number of bears late on a Saturday night at RickN’s club).

For defense, or even use on coyotes/hogs while out in the pasture, what are you picking? And why?
Man why the fuck do you have to bring me into this lol
They’ve got a lot of options, about any weight you could want. I guess I’m mainly intrigued by stuff like this. 100 grain moving along at 1825 fps & 740 ft lbs.
155 Hornady hunter is what I’ve ran in my 40mos lately. Puts the best group at 20yards while also retaining good velocity. S&B has a 180fmj and JHP that can be found for relatively cheap and is what I’ve gone to for “practice” ammo