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835 Ulti Mag Camo opinions


Sep 12, 2023
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Had a trade offer on an optic I have for this. Value wise, it will be really good on my end.

Never owned a Mossy in my life.

If it’s a good deal on your end, I say go for it. All my shotguns are berettas, except for a random baikal sxs and 2 Mossbergs that I got for screaming deals. The two Mossbergs are solid guns honestly. Not pretty or anything fancy, but they get used by me and as loaner guns. Hell, one of them is popular enough to be coveted by @Boob McNutt, he has permanent dibs on it if I ever get rid of my mossy o/u.
I agree with @HoLeChit. I say go for it. I’ve owned a couple Mossberg shotguns over the years, and I have no complaints. I’m getting ready to post some pics of turkeys that I came across this morning. If you get it, you can come down this spring and try to get a bird with it.
I’d probably do the trade. Mossberg shotguns are great. Their rifles are actually very good too.
Thanks. They easy to turn?

I have a 1301 and an SBE3 in the safe. This seems like a strange add, but it's camo
You can never have to many guns. But my wife says different.
They’re really good shottys, I had one back in the day. The only thing I could ding it on is, it seemed a little heavy, but I had a 26” bbl.