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A really good sword


Dec 24, 2023
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Lets try this here, I need an engine or ammo.

I have a nice "decorative" El Cid sword I would like to trade for 5.56 / 223 ammo. 55 or 62 gr preferred and steel case is OK. But more than ammo I need a 4 cylinder rav4 engine. Sword would look great displayed with a flintlock rifle and a couple of pistols. I would also take a 12ga or 20 ga auto loader shotgun or a 20ga pump. Looks not important as long as it works.

Sword has a 34 inch stainless steel blade and a wire wound hilt. I would not use it in a sword fight but would be fine in case of zombies. I can neither confirm or deny that I may have sharpened it a little. New they sell for around $400. I will trade for a RAV4 motor, $350 worth of ammo or a shotgun. Cash is okay too. Trade at my home in N Edmond. Price will not get any lower. Just FYI, my sword cane by Cold Steel has a stainless blade too and it is meant to be used. I think the El Cid could be used but I am not an expert. I do know I would not want to be cut or stabbed with it.

Almost forgot, can also be used to roast a block of Spam over a campfire. :p

Sword looks just like this (sorry my photo skills still suck)

I just over heard Edmond Fire on the way to remove a sword from some yard birds ass.

Please tell us it was you
How’s that free wood stock for your mini14 treating you?