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Ammo shelf life

Not sure,
I have some 270 and 45-70 ammo that my Grampa loaded in the 70s/ 80s and from time to time I pull some out use it. Iv never had any fudd out on me.
The the 270 ammo is kinda weird they are flat tip silver almost like aluminum looking.
It’s stored in plastic bags twisted with bread tie in the garage, NOT temp controlled.
I get bored sometimes and just start loading hunting bullets for myself and the kids I was thinking a while back about it would be pretty cool after I’m gone for my grandson’s granddaughter and daughter’s and their husbands to use ammo hunting and maybe remember me from it like you do beautiful mulberry
That’s exactly what I’m doing now.
I’m using ammo my granmpa loaded.
He used it, my dad, me and my kids have even shots some.
I have so much loaded that it’ll last forever.
If you store it properly it should last longer than that.
People shoot WWII and older surplus ammo.
Does anyone know if the control the humidity in an ammunition plant?
I would assume they do,but wouldn’t that cause static issues?
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I have what I can fit in a metal ammo can in the house I need to buy more but I only find plastic cans mostly
I read an article back in the 80s or 90s where they took ammo that had been dug up out of French hedgerows from both big brouhahas. It all fired well, but they were mercuric primers and nitrocellulose. I suppose someone needs to hang out for a hundred years to test fire some reloads and report back to the crew.
Some of the first handloads I ever made, were stuffed back in the late 80's. 168 grain something over IMR4064. I remember shooting them up for brass in 2000 when I was gearing up for a long range class. All shot well out of my 20" 700 at the time.

I recently found some 168 grain A-Max's over H335 I loaded with data dated to 2002. LC brass and Winchester primers. These were loaded light to medium at 2.800". When I was having issues getting my current 20" .308 to shoot any 175 grain worth a crap, I found these buried in a box of stuff from my move to Oklahoma from Kansas. I ran 5 through and they printed under an inch. Reason why I kept the rifle and only shoot 168 grain out of it now. I ran the remaining 45 from time to time as foulers and never had one not be within a half inch of my current load.

They were not always kept indoors either. Probably spent a year or two in my attic.
I know they weren't reloads, but around 2012 I shot up 3 1500 round cases of G.I. 45 acp from 1918. They all lit, and yes I boiled out the barrel after each range session
As I recall, US military ammo used to have a sealer applied over the primer; I wonder if that had an effect on the longevity of the older surplus ammo?
This subject interests me. I'll be the first to admit I have no clue other than knowing we have shot ammo that had TG&Y stickers on the box that was store in LESS than optimum conditions, that worked just fine. 🤷

I was talking to one of the kids working on this remodel this morning and now, as soon as we can, I'm gonna drag some -- ok, have Grumpy drag some -- ammo cans up from the tornado shelter and see if being down there for a few years has affected any of it. 🤔