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Any 365 fan bois out there?

CS Boomis

Dec 31, 2023
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I really like my 365 XL, a lot. Here while back I had the opportunity to coon finger my nephews 320 in a Flux Defense chassis and that thing moved up in categories of concealed carry. Now they’ve stepped up for the 365. If I live long enough to get on the list I’m inclined to upgrade my 365. Any of y’all interested in this kind of upgrade? They cover it about half way through this video from SHOT

This is pretty much all I would use a 365 module for.
My Walter Middy mind can justify almost anything that goes bang. Kinda depends on how big the squirrel is at any given moment.
I watched the video a couple times... I am... gunna need one.
I’ve been an M&P guy through and through for about 15 years. 3 years ago I bought a 365XL. I haven’t carried an M&P since. Still have plenty, but the 365 could do all my roles, save handgun hunting, that I might need.
Side folder ruins it IMO. The P320 style deployment is the way to go
I’ve handled the 320 version. When it’s extended there’s a bit of play just by the nature of the beast. Looks like the 365 version is fairly rigid. S’pose I’ll have to ride the ride to find out.
P365 is the only reason I actually carry again. Every gun prior to this (including a G43) just felt too bulky for comfort.
I just traded into a 365, seems like a pretty decent pistol, got it mainly for a truck gun.

Shoots well and not too much muzzle flip for a little pistol.