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Arken SH4 Gen 2 6-24x56 MRAD/MIL in Arken 20 MOA Offset Mount

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Sep 12, 2023
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Will ship on buyers dime, probably be about 20ish, 25ish if you want insurance to cover it new, otherwise meet in the Edmond area.

Purchased this new in October of 2022 direct from Arken. Mounted and since then, it's been taken to the range about 15 times, but never the field. Excellent shape. All screws were VC3'd, torqued to listed specs and marked with white paint marker.

I just Tetris'd this rifle in the back of the safe, so I'll get better pictures later. Since this picture was taken, I've added the Arken bubble level and the Arken throw lever.

Buyer/Trader gets the Optic, Mount, Bubble Level, Throw Lever, Arken Scope Caps and boxes for everything. If it had a plastic wrap, I kept it. Any extra screws and the hex head Allen Wrench will be included. I think this has been discontinued by Arken and replaced with the SH4J which has Japanese glass, but the features are the same. 34mm Main Tube, VHR Illuminated Reticle, MRAD/MIL

Great budget optic that until you get to 22ish power, is very clear. Past 22 power it tends to get a little darkish around the edges like most do. Good eye relief, Zero stop and holds zero. Turrets are very positive and has zero stop. Reticle is illuminated.

Asking 350 as it sits cash or trade for the following up or down:

8 Pounds of the following: IMR 8208 XBR, IMR 4064, Varget, H4350, VV N570/N135/N140/N540, Trailboss, LEVERevolution, StaBALL Match/6.5/HD
Large Rifle Match Primers 210M's are preferred
Small Rifle Match Primers 205MAR's Remington 7.5's 205's
CCI 41's or 34's
Berger VLD Hunter 155 30 Cal Bullets
Berger 6.5 Hunting Bullets
Barnes 150 grain TSX 30-30 Bullets
Barnes 140 Grain LRX 6.5 Bullets
Starline 30-30 Virgin Brass
Lapua/Alpha/Peterson Virgin SRP 6.5 and .308 Brass
Lapua/Alpha/Peterson Virgin 30-06 Brass
ADG Virgin .300 PRC Brass
Atlas BT65-LW17 Gen. 2 CAL Atlas Bipod (Clean)
Atlas BT72-LW17 Super CAL Atlas Bipod (Clean)

Thanks OKBalls
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