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Can You Guess When The Front Passed?

OK Corgi Rancher

Dec 19, 2023
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I still fiddle around with weather stuff here at the Corgi Ranch. I find it interesting even though I've forgotten most of what I learned. I also like to keep track of the historical weather trends. I recently swapped out my WiFi router for one that's compatible with my weather station. So now I can see much more detail than what I got from just the indoor display.

Take a wild guess when the front passed this morning:

Screenshot (397).png

What kind of dog is best for herding Corgi’s?

It was right about 12:29 am...it's harder to tell from that screenshot.

The best dog for herding Corgis is a hot dog. Give 'em a snack and they'll go anywhere you want them to.
As I was coming home last night around 8:30 I saw a pretty intense lightning show over Tulsa. Several ground strikes. Pretty unusual for this time of the year. The line passed over us but only saw about a 1/10 inch of rain.