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For Sale Colt A1 Carbine Upper, Complete, 70s Vintage

OK Corgi Rancher

Dec 19, 2023
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Southeast OK
Hate to part with this beauty but the reality is I'll never use it. I had it on a lower but it didn't seem right to me (being the Colt fanboy I am) mixing this classic upper with a non-Colt lower. This is probably a 70s vintage upper. Either 1/12 or 1/14 twist...not sure which. Shoots 55gr stuff really well. Barrel is marked "C MP Chrome Bore" and bolt carrier is "C" marked. Bolt is marked "MPC". Upper is Colt "C M" marked. The handguards are likely not original but they are identical to the originals. Original, non-tapered Delta ring.

The bore is in excellent condition. The receiver has some scuffs and minor scratches but is in overall very good condition cosmetically.

This receiver has the infamous Colt large pivot pin hole up front. But, never fear, I'm including an offset bushing adapter so you can place this on any mil-spec type lower using a standard pivot pin.

Cash only, not interested in trades. Not looking for anything right now so no need to offer. Thank you.

Pick up near Ada. I don't mind driving a short distance...1/2 hour or so...to meet you. Or, I'll be happy to mail/ship it to you at your expense. I'd guess shipping will add about $15 to $20 to the total. We can cross that bridge when we come to it.

Price = $650.00