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Glock 17 Gen 5 Grey Trijicon RMR Surefire

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Sep 12, 2023
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Gun was purchased new and slide sent to Wager Machine Works. Slide was milled to the fit the Trijicon RMR. Has recoil posts milled in. Slide was Cerakoted in Sniper Grey (milled area as well). Trijicon Suppressor Night Sights installed with a pusher (rear) no marks and front was VC3'd. Trijicon Sealing plate under RMR. RM06 (3.25 MOA Dot) installed and zero'd at 25 yards with 147 grain Federal HST. Fresh Energizer CR 2032 installed 09/09/2023 Barrel is a Ballistic Advantage Gen 5 Threaded Copper PVD coated barrel. No fitting on barrel, it was drop in. Factory serial numbered matching barrel included.

Frame is unmodified except for the addition of the beaver tail backstrap. It can be removed. Trigger is a Gen 5 grey Agency Arms trigger. Factory trigger will be included. Installed is a Surefire X300B Turbo with fresh Surefire Batteries.

Factory Barrel round count is: 465
BA Barrel round count is: 220
Total Gun round count is: 685

Box, paperwork, cleaning tools, backstraps for Gun, Box and paperwork for the RMR, Box and paperwork for the Surefire, packaging for the Agency Trigger, packaging for the BA barrel all included. Factory barrel, factory trigger included.

Gun will come with Five Gen 5 mags. One 17 rounder and Four mags with Shield Arms Grey plus 5 extensions. These have the bigger spring as well.

Trading it as a package deal only. Will not sell anything separately. If buyer wants less items, we can work that out. No shipping and meet in the Edmond area. I'm willing to drive a bit for the right trade. I also have a Glock 45 listed that I can add for the right trade. Trade value is at 1700 with everything included.

Trade for the following:
My ideal trade would be a Browning BLR Take Down Stainless in 30-06, .308 or 7mm-08 in that order
Bolt Guns in following calibers: No 6.5 Creedmoor's
300 WSM
300 BO
7 Mag
No Handguns unless its a 10mm
Garmin Xero C1
Decent 12 or 20 Gauge
Cool Bolt Gun in 22
Ruger 10/22 in stainless or blued nice stock
Henry Golden big loop 22 mag or 22 LR

Thanks OKBalls
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