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If ammo was dirt cheap, would your caliber choices differ?


Dec 19, 2023
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I was just thinking about this. When I first started shooting, for some reason I was all about 45 ACP. The first 2 handguns I bought were in 45.

I suspect this is because the price per round difference between calibers at that time was not as big as it is now.

Of course now all I really buy and shoot is 9mm. I still reload 45 ACP on occasion for shooting in my 1911 but it's maybe a few hundred rounds a year, if even that. My 9mm shooting count per year is at least in the thousands.

So let's say something magical happened and every caliber was a nickel per round ($0.05) for the rest of time to make it even. Would you change things up?
I was a .45 guy until I got a 9, and have enjoyed the 9s way more than I ever did the .45. Even if they were the same cost, I'd still stick with 9.
Tough call. I've grown to really enjoy shooting 9MM more than any other caliber. But I still like shooting a nice 1911 in .45 and probably always will. In the past I really didn't like .22s all that much. Now I have a bunch of them and get a big kick out of shooting them, too. My tastes and preferences change over time.

My first duty gun was a Colt Delta and I shot a ton of 10mm. I had to load for it back then even when ammo was cheap. Factory stuff was watered down and way more expensive than 45. Components were much cheaper. I had to move away from it when the department standardized, but I still keep kept shooting it. I bought a Glock 20 and shot it even more..

I'll be honest, today I prefer to shoot more 9mm. Cost is a small factor, but I can shoot my 509's all morning and be good. I shoot 10mm or 45 all morning and kinda burned out. Sucks getting older.
I'd like to move up from 308 to 300WM for my long range shooting. The extra cost and predicted shortages in the next year of the less popular calibers is holding me back for the time being.
With the cost of ammo, I’ve streamlined my calibers. If ammo was dirt cheap, I’d have a lot more calibers to choose from.
If 22lr 525 bulk packs were still $7.49 a box, I'd buy 250k rounds.

I shoot more of it than any other round, I only own one 9mm, my pocket gun,

All my other caliber revolvers and semis are full size, not a great shooter with any handgun, but I do pretty good, and that's good enough.
I don't think so... Rifle's wouldn't get any cheaper.
I use to shoot .270 and .243 a lot but since I got a 6.5 creedmoor it gets the most attention if I was buying factory ammo it would be 40 s&w
Even when I was a "rolling pennies for gas," not quite broke, but pretty badly bent, young professional, I never let the price of ammo dictate what I was shooting (or I wouldn't have shot nearly as much .44Mag and 10mm as I did). It might've gotten a vote in how much I shot, but not what I shot.
I would. I got really into odd calibers when I first started shooting. It was fun but it’s just gotten too expensive anymore. The only ammo I still consider buying (if it’s cheap enough) that's not “standard” is 5.45. And that’s only cause I have an AR that eats it like a champ. But as soon as I run out, there’s no point in buying it anymore. 223/556 is similar enough and widely more available. Thank god I don’t have an AK. At least when I run out, I can just swap barrels and bolts lol