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Impulse buy averted! Springfield 2020 rimfire target


Dec 19, 2023
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Pertaining to what I saw, felt, watched and read in regards to the Springfield 2020 Target Rimfire.
Was up in Tulsa looking around gun stores with a friend when I saw it hanging on the wall at Action arms. Hadn’t seen or heard of one until that moment. Darren trotted over and handed it to me. I liked about everything about it. REM 700 adjustable trigger, 10/22 mag compatible, threaded barrel, comes with scope base and had a nice stock design for $400. He grabbed a snap cap and we checked out the trigger. I felt it wasn’t nice but maybe the adjustment could help or do an upgrade. I was sooo close to buying it but the day was still early. Went to SportsWorld and guess what….they had two of them in different colors. Still I calmed myself and thought I better check some reviews.
Wow I watched a couple hours worth of YouTube last night and I’m so damn happy I didn’t impulse buy that sombitch. Sounds like it’s not compatible with 10/22 mags over 10 rounds and it will NOT consistently achieve the Springfield laughable guarantee of “Three rounds in 1” at 50yds with match ammo”. On top of that Springfield is doing nothing to actually stand behind that guarantee. Sure you can send them the rifle and they’ll send it back with a target saying it’s fine. Hey I get it, it’s under $500 but stand behind your guarantee if you are gonna state it. Also, it has a laser etched American flag on the bottom of the trigger guard but it’s made by a shotgun manufacturer in Turkey. Maybe that’s why it shoots a spread. Anyhow, I damn sure breathed a sigh of relief.
I inherited a little Browning model 52 that I love. It’s too nice to beat up and they didn’t make a lot of them. When I saw those 2020s I thought it might be a decent doppelgänger that could take a little hard living. The as born accuracy reports are pretty dismal from all quarters. I’m just old enough to remember when out of the box accuracy was pretty sus across the board, and almost every new weapon was a springboard to something better. If I can find a screaming deal on one I might see what it’s potential is for an accurizing project. The triple A stocks are definitely easy to look at.
Crazy they'd make it 10/22 mag compatible but not for the extended ones. At least you learned before hand!