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Is this deer dumb or sick?


Dec 19, 2023
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So my back yard/pasture is pretty much the local deer autobahn. One deer in particular seems to act a little weird. Last night the deer came up within 15 yards of the fence while Clyde was losing his fuckin mind over the deer being there. Like just walked up. Today, during the day light, same issue, walked up within 20-25 yards to see what’s up, not scared or anything.

None of the other deer do this, just this one. It looks healthy, alert, nothing crazy. Is this normal?
Hmmm... video isnt uploading, ill try again in a bit.
That was my initial thought, but we’re plenty graceful, look good and healthy, no deformities or clumsiness aside from the usual whitetail dumbassery. I can’t get the video to load up that shows the situation and movement.
Some deer are just more desensitized to humans especially if there are feeders in your general area. I have several on my property that will hang around and watch me work from around 20 to 50 yards. I’d bet money that one or more of your neighbors are feeding them.
They get use to seeing people, they get within several yards of my house.

If we're outside they just look at us and walk on by to the front yard, graze the Bermuda grass and my woman's flower beds.
I have had them come within 10 or 15 yards when feeding the horses granted it was in the winter and they were pretty hungry
He probably knows that when it gets warmer, the humans don't eat them. Animals can figure that out.
I had a yellow lab that loved chasing the deer in the front yard. At first he would chase them out of sight. As he got older he would chase them less far usually to the edge of the driveway about 100 yds from the house. The deer knew exactly how far he would go and would only run about 40-50 yards farther out in the field than he would go. I think both sides enjoyed the game. One day one of the peach trees out front had just got ripe and the deer were all over it. Max was going nuts at the front window, so I opened the door and let him out. He went running over barking and doing what he usually did but the deer just looked at him and kept eating. He sat down and looked from deer to deer as if to say, hey this is not how we play the game. The deer obviously replied meh, we're eating! After about a minute Max went off and took a wiz and came back to the door. I was standing there laughing my ass off!
It’s a bit early still, and she probably woulda made more ruckus and jumped the fence, but did you check your yard for a fawn? Fresh ones can get looked over real easy.
When I used to take my dog out so she could go potty in the morning, there would occasionally be deer in the back yard. I noticed them, but my dog paid them no mind, and the deer were equally unconcerned about her or me.