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M1 carbine at a practical rifle match


Jan 14, 2024
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Ok so I shot my M1 carbine at a practical rifle match today. I learned several things. First is the issue sight aperture is WAY too small for close 10-75 yard shooting. If this little guy wasn't in almost unissued condition I'd be out in the shop with a drill bit in hand!
Second is it only likes GI 15 round magazines. I have a bunch, but didn't want to beat them up dropping in gravel and dirt so I got some of the Korean made mags. Their springs are too light, giving bolt over base malfunctions.
Third thing is it is a bitch to change mags with any speed at all. The mag release button is way far forward to reach easily, and if you don't smack the hell out of the bottom of them after inserted they won't lock in.
Fourth was it was very controllable and doing a quick "double tap" was just as fast as a stock M-16A1. Not as fast as a comped AR, but pretty sporty! It was plenty accurate and easy to do head shots with at CQB ranges.
It is a snap to clean! I'm sure if I ran 30s I would have placed much higher as I wouldn't have ad to do 1-2 reloads per stage, but I really wanted to see how the platform would do in its original configuration. All in all it was a blast to shoot, and if I were ever to carry one as a defensive arm the aperture would be drilled out a bunch and I would smooth the mag catch and mag well out a bunch, but it is an all matching NPM so it will just be a fun rifle to shoot occasionally.
What ammo were you using?
1964 Lake City 110 grain ball ammo.

Update on the Korean made magazines. It only took 2 beers for me to say screw it I'll destroy one to figure out what's wrong with them. So, opened the third Negro Modelo and took one apart. Lo and behold the magazine spring was in backwards.....Hmmm, grabbed the next 4 and took them apart. There is a Korean out there that just had one job and failed miserably! Took two of them out to the range and ran 3 mag fulls out of each with no trouble. Oh well, saved a few bucks and the beer was cold so I guess it goes in the win collum.
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1964 Lake City 110 grain ball ammo.
This or other surplus is what makes them run...or 15gr of W296/H110 over a 110gr RN.

All the commercial ammo I've used malfunctions no matter what.