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MKC launching Traditions line


Dec 30, 2023
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If you’re looking for MKC knives, they’re launching their Traditions line tomorrow (R, 5/24) at 8pm Oklahoma time.

The four knives in the collection (at least at launch) are the Blackfoot, Whitetail, Stonewall Skinner, and Super Cub, all in Magnacut, and all with desert ironwood in place of their normal G10 scales. If I didn’t already have a Super Cub, I’d be all over that…
They're all sold out too.
Yeah. They look neat but not my thing so much. I think that line of knives is much better looking than any of the others they have, but not for me. I hope they sell out fast though.
They look neat but not my thing so much.
Out of curiosity, what is your thing when it comes to knives? Randalls seem to be on your list (and who wouldn’t have them on their list?), but what are you looking for in one?
If I'm going to pay that much, I'll be getting a Spartan, CR, Winkler or B. Goode, or a Behring...something like that. I'm not into colored handles and not really into their basic knife design. Nothing about it says BAM!!. It just says meh and looks like everybody else's nonexciting knives...in fact, they look commercially produced even though I know they aren't.
You just had to say Winkler, didn’t you? Ugh. I went to look at the WK Operator that I’ve been lusting after and discovered that BladeHQ is a stocking dealer for Winkler, so now my wallet is lighter…

Turns out that I can withstand anything but temptation.
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