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OKCGC Bowling Pin Match December 30

Boob McNutt

Sep 11, 2023
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I'd love to go but when pin matches dried up about 5 years ago, I never got around to buying the right pistol. Last couple of attempts were with a 45ACP 1911, but now I have a nice tuned 40. Unfortunately its a single stack, Ill have to start saving my pennies again, for that new Rock Island or maybe a CZ TSO.
Anyone going?
I’m not a member of okcgc. But would like to go and watch.
Membership wasn't required for the GSSF matches, I don't know if it's required for matches
Usually not if it is a public event. Let me check the calendar.
Looks open. I don't even see a member discount.

Match date: December 30th, 2023
Check-In Begins @ 9:00 AM
Match starts @ 10:00 AM

Bowling Pin Shootout

Test your mettle in a head-to-head tournament with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place plus random cash prizes depending on the amount of entries.
Use the 1st round to warm-up round without fear of elimination. Subsequently, it is single elimination, but losers of the 2nd round may buy a mulligan before the 2nd round ends to continue to the 3rd round.

Pairs of competitors will face off against one another in timed, 30-second bouts with unlimited round count. The first to knock all 5 bowling pins completely off their respective platform wins. Ties will be decided first by most pins knocked off, and second, by most pins knocked over.

Pairings will be randomly drawn each round. Competitors passing a round on a bye will automatically go first in the next round.

The range is a cold range. No loaded firearms except at the firing line under the direction of the designated Range Officer.

Start position will be low or compressed ready. Additional ammunition must be either on the table in front of the competitor or holstered on their person.

Only pistol caliber ammunition allowed. Rifle caliber is not allowed.

Entry fee is $20
Mulligan fee is $20


– All iron or optic sighted pistols without a comp or suppressor.
Race Gun – All iron or optic sighted pistols with a comp or suppressor.
PCC – All iron or optic sighted pistol caliber carbine with or without a comp or suppressor.

(Note: PCC and Race Gun may be merged if there are not enough entries).

Info: Aaron Armentrout
email: gssf@okcgunclub.org
Phone: 405.795.3638
I’ll bring the xero chronograph and the spotting scope. 😎
Wish I had kept my ear to the ground better. This looks like a good time. Greek tried to get me into this when I was a kid but I was too busyy snorting flanks and seeing if I could top my last stoopit stunt.

So how’d it go? Any plans for another round?
I forgot to go. Was surprised when the pics showed up online. Looks like it was successful enough to schedule the next match in March (3/30)