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Pistol texas star project


Jan 4, 2024
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Had this in the works for the backyard range for a while. I have a rimfire one that I bought and it had 2" plates on it, and got 3" and 4" plates cut at work. Basically took that design, scaled it up and am hoping to have all parts cut in the next week or two. This is all 1/2" plate except for the retainer tabs...and I have a 3x3 sq tube post and a base frame to use at home. These are 8" plates which is the same size as the plates at Red Castle. Will rotate on about a 4ft circle. Anywho, will update as parts get cut/assembled.

post a video once you got it painted and running
Take your angle grinder and put a bevel on all the edges of the plate where it attached to the arms, sticking will be alleviated. Gotta do that on all socket type stars.
That was going to be step one, then maybe loosen up tolerance some on the female part of the socket if needed.
Got busy but had some time to tinker with this, getting a few parts recut and ordered new springs. Thinking clearly now, it should hopefully be good to go once I get the updated parts.