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Pork shoulder roast


Jan 15, 2024
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Plain jane pork shoulder roast apple chips smoked at 225deg on my pellet grill until internal temp hit 165.

Took off grill & covered for approx hour.

Couple slices with cabbage, carrots & spaghetti squash, with sweet & sour dipping sauce for the cabbage.
Gosh, that DOES look good -- my mouth is watering just seeing the pics. Soon as these guys get done remodeling my kitchen I'm gonna smoke a half a side of beef, a dozen chickens, make the biggest bowl of homemade cole slaw anyone has ever seen and a similar sized bowl of potato salad, and feed these guys. They have done a spectacular job so far and I don't think that will change. (My contractor and his SIL live down the street and his crew spend a lot of weekends down at his place unwinding. He's a great guy.) They have certainly earned it.
Nothing needs to be heavily smoked, just a bit of smoke flavor just like when cooked over a camp fire.

I should have took a pic of roast after my woman seasoned it up to go onto the grill, I sprinkled the brown sugar on it, like I said, pig likes a bit of sweet.