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Pretty sure was a thread on case trimmer's etc


Jan 15, 2024
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But I couldn't find it.

And not to kipe anyone's thread.

So here's a few pics of a power trimmer I assembled from a singer sewing machine motor and lee collet, length gauge, cutter and chamfer cup, sometime in mid to late 80s.

when the knee action switch pedal finally wore out,

I used a dimmer switch for speed control and a button temporary switch to step on.

I used this set up to trim & chamfer all my rifle cases in bulk for years until I bought my dillon rt1200 and case trim dies,

I still use it on the cases I don't have dillon case trim dies for


My rt1200 I mounted on a 86' vintage lee pro1000 press, so I got a progressive case sizer/trimmer for 223 & 308 case based calibers I have dillon size/trim dies for.
If it works, it works! I did a crude one for trimming bulk gas brass, but I cheated and bought a motor
It's worked fine spinning cases for trimming for near 40 years,

hell idk how old the cabinet sewing machine was when I got the motor & knee peddle off it,

the sewing machine still worked, I just needed the motor & peddle.