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Dec 20, 2023
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Got sent this from another member who knows how big of a PWS fanboy I am - I have been for well over a decade. I’ve been hoping they’d build their own dedicated platform and really excited to see that they have. The video is worth a watch, it looks very well thought out. This might be one I sell a few to buy. Video said MSRP is 2500, with caliber changes ranging from 350 to 550.

I’m very much a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kinda guy. I’m also a buy once, cry once kinda guy.

I like it, and would likely consider buying one myself. I love the modular idea, and the supposed accuracy for the price is great too.
I agree with you, and wouldn’t blame someone for seeing no functional personal use for one over an AR. I’ve never bothered with a newer platform (SCAR, ACR, MCX, etc etc etc etc etc) because of this. I did get one of their piston driven AR uppers and though I no longer have it, I do think it was a superb design.
I think being able to run multiple caliber along with the the most popular magazine in that caliber, and swapping barrels in a matter of a couple minutes, and returning to near exact POI with 1/2 MOA accuracy is stellar. The swap only requiring the barrel, mag well, and bolt head with everything else staying the same really keeps the cost on caliber swaps down too.

And that gas chamber on the barrel also speaks to their level of engineering.
I like the idea but I am not a fan of how the stock cheek piece adjust rather easily. I'd like one but dont see me getting one anytime soon
Yes. I first saw it at the Ft Bragg Expo (little trade show they used to do) in about 2010 or so. A buddy of mine was the Colt military sales guy and he showed all of its widgets. They had barrels for it besides the multiple uppers and adapters.
They were wanting to chase after a new rifle program since they just lost the M16/M4 contract to FN. It was neat but that was about it. What went to market was a less exciting version of what they were pimping back then.
I remember the colt, I really wanted one but it was made of unobtainium. I think this PWS looks like a really well thought out step forward from the AR platform but I don’t see too many folks dumping their ARs for it. It’s like Chevy small blocks, yea there’s better options out there but all those better options have 1/10th the aftermarket support and parts availability.
I bought a UXR a couple of weeks ago. It’s a solid feeling gun. Haven’t shot it yet. Having second thoughts on if I want to keep it or not.