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Red Dot footprints


Sep 16, 2023
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I posted this in commieland once, I think it might have been too much for the fudds. This site is a good resource for RDS footprint standards and modifications to those standards. Pretty much all questions regarding compatibility can be answered without starting a thread that ends in arguments and buffoonery, lol.

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If one would just stick with an RMR, one wouldn't need another footprint ;)

Great resource sir
All these goddamned newfangled whizzbang gizmos, back when I was a kid we made our own sights from sticks and squirrel testicals, cause we were real men. When was the last time you saw a stick run out of batteries!? That’s what I thought.

We didn’t elect Reagan for commie electronics to take over guns!!!!
Sights? I started hunting years ago with a slingshot and marbles, had many kills of birds, few cottontails and one squirrel.

Then. I Figured I was really cool as fuckingGoddamnedhell when I got a daisy bb gun and a roll of copperheads for my 5th birthday,

My pop taught me how to load it, aim proper, squeeze trigger & hit where I aimed.

that afternoon I made my first kill with a gun. I shot & killed a sparrow.

I thought I was a sniper and shot that 2" tall bird sitting on a branch from miles away,

When I venture down to the old place I look at the lil' rise I was sitting on and the now 2' diameter blackjack I made my first gun kill on,

I still laugh a bit, cause that 5 year old's miles away first sniper daisy bb gun kill was really only an approx 7 foot shot.