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Should I wait for the 6 ARC.


Sep 13, 2023
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Ok! Should I wait for the 6 ARC that has an odd ball size bolt face. I have been thinking of a 6GT that has a 308 bolt face. The Action is a Aero Solus and can be rebarreled to a lot more calibers. I’m just stuck with which way I should go. I’m also looking at the Seekins havak, sig cross, and stag pursuit all in 6.5 CM.
6GT or 7 PRC will be my next bolt gun. I'm having a hard time with the 7 PRC though. Other than some weight and less drop past 1000, my 300 PRC can cover it all.

I've been reading and sorta following the 6GT since watching their video. It's a big investment not just for the rifle, but the tools are going to be another 500 bucks too.

My Bergara HMR in 6.5 was never supposed to have the roll it does in my stash, but that damn thing shoots so lights out. It was my back up when I did the 1000 yard qualifier at the Club. My 300 went down the day before and I had never shot the HMR past 550 to that point. Took it out about an hour before the shoot and hit the 2" steel hanger with a cold bore at 550. Packed it up and qualified 600 with one round and then 1000 with a 5 shot group that blew my fucking kilt up!

Until that barrel goes to shit, I'll wait on the 6 GT for now.
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I am holding out for 6 MAX. If its not where I want it to be when I build then 7 PRC for me.
I found a solus action and 6GT barrel with dies no brass. It’s 1400 and a 4 hr drive one way. Load data is out there. from what I’m reading it is vary forgetting and nodes are larger then other 6mm.
I’m buying a Remington action wrench to remove a factory barrel for a friend. I already have a barrel vice to rebarrel with barrel nuts.
Shoot, it’s not the bougie answer but just pick up a Savage action. Bolt faces are relatively cheap through Brownells and barrels are easier to change than your own socks past sixty.