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SigSauer P228 9mm

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Dec 19, 2023
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Listing is for a Sig P228. Comes with case night sights and 5 mags. 3 mags hold 10 and 2 mags hold 13. The original owner engraved on the mags and it’s visible in the pictures. That’s the only “customizing” I seen on anything. I really struggled finding a good asking price so I’m just gonna fly by the seat of my pants. It’s not a safe queen. It’s not beat to hell but it’s definitely been shot and carried. Not sure if it ads to value but this one does appear to be German assembled. I say that because of google. Google told me if it’s got a serial number on the slide the barrel and the frame it’s German assembled. Google also said it’s German assembled if it’s got proof marks on all those components. It does have all of that. Google also told me by the serial number it was manufactured in 1993. For some reason it has grips on it that says P229 on the left grip. The grips fit perfectly but the left grip says P229 while the right grip says SigSauer. I will include numerous pictures and I’m always willing to get you more if you ask. I’m located in Inola, Oklahoma. Asking $900 for gun, case and 5 mags.

Mainly looking for cash but there are a few trade options: NO ARCHERY. NO SHOTGUNS. NO MUZZLELOADERS. They only guns I might be interested in trading for would be Leveractions in 38/357 or 44. No Henry’s! Might be interested in something 10mm. Might be interested in a Cz 527 varmint 22lr or other good bolt action 22. Likely not interested in anything Savage. Not interested in anything else 9mm most likely. Most likely I’m looking for an even trade or a trade with cash on your end.
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Price was maybe too high at $900. Let’s knock it down to $800. That’s damn close if not exactly $100 less than the starting price so it’s gotta be better for the buyer.
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