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SOCOM M4A1 useless (or not) info


Sep 16, 2023
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I saw a thread about Colt SOCOM M4A1s and something about how to know if it is or value or some shit and it made me think. A comment made was "SOCOM" would be roll marked on the lower. This is untrue. The lower will be marked almost exactly like they were when issued to the GOV with a serial number.
Like this 👇 👇
CAL. 5.56 MM

I've owned a couple of them. The only thing that makes them "special" is they have a 14.5" barrel P&W, a RIS - maybe KAC or maybe another vendor and a Matech BUIS.

FYI, The US Army is the proponent for the M4A1 and always has been but other services could dictate procurement, accessories blah blah blah. The SOCOM M4A1 is a modification kit called SOPMOD (Special Operations Peculiar MODification). For the Colt repops, it's a "SOPMOD Block one" setup with RAS, an Army rear sight (Matech) and a standard M4A1 14.5 barrel and an extended A2 flashhider. The actual Colt SOCOM M4A1 Repop is in reality an as-issued to Army rifle. The config they are in is the same config the Army adopted as their Primary service rifle after the M16A2 right so it's not really a SOPMOD gun.

An actual real life SOPMOD BLK 1 M4A1 pretty much only had a removable carry handle for an iron sight...the available sights based on the units BOI from Crane were the KAC 300m (Which I have never seen on an M4 until SOPMOD BLK II; the Navy cats would get them, not Army), LMT, ARMS #40 which mostly went on MK18s and MK12s/MK11s (these also used KAC 600m BUIS). Occasionally they found their way onto somebody's gun but that was usually a hookup. There weren't any real BUIS issued to SOPMOD until Block 2 (in 2005ish the Army issued to Army SOF the Matech). We always had issued Smith Enterprise's or ARMS carry handle rails.

SOPMOD BLK 1 M4A1s used a Knight's Armament RIS/RAS and a KAC flashhider for a KAC QDSS NT4 suppressor. They came with and without SOCOM heavy barrels, depending on where the upper came from. If it came from Crane, there was a good chance it might be an HB. If it came from Colt or the Army, it was always the standard 14.5" M4 barrel. Eotechs weren't rolled into SOPMOD until BLK II but were issued by Crane, and the Surefire M900 was an additional non SOPMOD accessory from Crane...it may have got rolled into SOPMOD at some point but they had a bunch of stuff as accessories.

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Sound good to me! I learned something new.
My grandpas brother was in the navy and was issued a m1 carbine and a colt 1911.
After the war he kept them. (Not sure how)
After his brother passed grandpa took them to the antique roadshow 90s,(it was and old tv show) and asked what they were worth at first they didn’t believe him once they looked up the serial numbers they discovered he was telling the truth.
His was not marked US GOVERNMENT