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The Famous Hoover Stew | Great Depression Era Cooking


Dec 30, 2023
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Substitute ground beef for the smoked sausage and ditch the beans and you're pretty close to a meal my mom used to make called Uncle Pat's Goulash, named after her brother, my Uncle Pat. Maybe I'll get some macaroni, stewed termaters, and ground beef and make some this weekend...
Stuff reminds me of the chili mac goulash my mom and sisters make,

The meat in the chili was whatever leftover beef, pork or deer and sometimes a combo of the three.

Beans was on the table in the big pot near everyday,

If there was lots of leftover biscuits from morn, they'd cut them in half and fry them, sprinkle with salt when done,

If no leftover biscuits they'd just mix up a batch of biscuit dough and make fry bread.
I never saw a recipe for it, but I been making something like that for years, but only in the Winter.

Add a couple bottles of cheese wiz and you've got a pot full of goodness. A 12 oz bowl of that stuff will make you gain 4 or 5 pounds over night.