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Thinking of getting an Sig 3022……


Jan 23, 2024
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My 11 yo liked holding a friends and he’s recently liked shooting a pistol so I’m thinking of getting one. I looked at the FN 522 but they seem to have a lot of recalls. Not looking for a Ruger or metal frame so an I missing anything I should be taking the boy to look at?
When I used to hang out on Sigforum, a lot of folks there had good things to say about them.
I think a couple guys have the TX22..I’m looking for something also
I know the 502 from FN had initial recalls. Mine did, but it was sent back with no work. The original recall had included too many serial #'s. Not sure if this contributed to more reports?

They are fun as hell to shoot. That Taurus is pretty decent for the money.

I don't have any opinions on the Sig as I've never held or shot one. Haven't heard ma y bad things either.
I have an FN 502, a Taurus TX22 and the Glock 44. The FN broke the first time I shot it. FN sent me a label, I returned the gun, they sent me a new gun and it's been flawless. The Glock 44 has worked just fine, too. The TX22 was far and away the least expensive and has been 100% reliable since day 1.

I'd recommend the Taurus over either of the others.

Or just get yourself a Mini-14 since it's steel and wood and not made by Mattel. Fuckin' plastic guns will kill your best friend, whose name you don't know...but then you can bitch about it for the next 50 years.