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Trigger control semi vs bolt

Beautiful Mulberry

Mar 24, 2024
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I could tell the difference hand position and trigger reset so it sent me exploring if there was a difference. Iv mainly ran a bolt. This AR308 is little different. Curious to hear y’all’s OPINIONS

I guess I'm not following your question. Is there a difference between bolt rifles and AR-10s hand placement? Yes, and no depending on the stock of the bolt rifle. Is it good to have follow through? Yes with everything from a cheap Jennings 25 to a high end long range rifle. Does good follow through have to be dramatically slow as demonstrated? No, it only has to be done for the time until the bullet leaves the barrel for either.
when shooting the semi I kept trying to use the same thumb placement or hold as I do on my bolt. It won’t work because of (like you said) stock difference. I didn’t realize the difference until I got behind the semi.
My bolt has a manners stock, resting shelf for my thumb,
The semi just has a grip so I was holding my thumb in mid air and it felt weird,
So I gripped the handle as one should and it felt a lot better. As for the video I felt he was being dramatic but maybe to help some understand.
Iv got to learn different techniques to shoot this rifle correctly.
There are all kinds of grips available for the AR platform. Many of them help move your hand rearward so you trigger finger is more at 90° to the trigger face. I use the Mag-Pul Grip with rear panel inserts with the biggest one possible to keep my hand and finger in a better position on the trigger. The technique is the same rifle, pistol, shotgun...pull the trigger straight to the rear without disturbing the alignment of the gun while it discharged.