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For Sale Venture Stallion Bass Boat


Dec 19, 2023
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Southwest OK
Selling my 1986 16 foot bass boat with a Johnson 88 outboard. I’ve recently bought another one, and I no longer need this one. She’s no beauty queen, but she is a very reliable boat. The boat is currently at Dub’s Boat Shop in Duncan, OK. The only issue that I had with the boat was an electrical issue with the tilt/trim. It has been fixed by replacing the relay harnesses. Asking price is $3800 which will include a $200 inspection by Dub’s Boat Shop. He will check the compression and go through the boat looking for any issues. The final sell price is negotiable depending on what if anything Dub discovers with the inspection. IMO, Dub is a trustworthy boat mechanic that will treat you fairly. If the inspection is not wanted, I can take a serious potential buyer for a test run on Lake Lawtonka. The asking price without the inspection is $3600. The boat jumps out of the water and scoots across the lake at a good pace. The only reason for selling it is because I stumbled on a deal for a 2006 Skeeter bass boat that looks almost brand new.