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.308 Screamer 150 load


Sep 12, 2023
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I have a light weight .308 in sight and I'm pre-thinking a load for whitetail and hogs that will be a screamer.

Probably going Varget to have better temp stability. Alpha SRP brass and Remington 7 1/2's.

The Barnes 130 grain TTSX should get me to 3k or beyond. Should smack the shit out a whitetail or a hog eh?

Anyone run this bullet with some real world results? Thoughts?

Thanks in advance OKBalls
I have some 150’s no 130’s only thing I loaded with them was 300wsm
No real world results but that is a great bullet. I kinda prefer the 168s in all good 308 autos. Loaf data and such.
No real world results but that is a great bullet. I kinda prefer the 168s in all good 308 autos. Loaf data and such.
I've seen some data with guys using it in 06' as well. Speeds that ensure you get max 1000 rounds in a barrel.

I've loaded 168 all my .308 life. First round I ever handloaded with a 168 grain A-Max over H335 in LC brass. I dabbled in 175's when I bought this HMR Pro, but never got the accuracy I demanded. Moved to a 168 ELDM and poof!

That's still on the table though. Especially after watching this video
This got me curious if people load the Barnes TTSX 110gr in 308, and see some have and got 3500fps out of them. One claimed 3800fps in a 300WSM. BOY HOWDY!
I also would like to know if or why. I could definitely see it for a screaming coyote round.
Do any of you all remember Tony Galazan and his menagerie of overbores? My effing bad!

It was John Lazzeroni!

Twenty years ago he was launching some big ass pills in excess of 4k fps.

Apparently he’s reefed it in a bit.
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Holy shit. Necro. Damn I'm old I need to go to another site.
Just ordered some brass and bullets from Blue Collar. Decided to go with the Berger 155 grain VLD Hunting. BC was a bit better, price was way better (got 200) and I have good history with Berger bullets. I may not hit 3k, but I should get close.
For 308win with 150grs, it's plain jane Hornady sp & btsp.

Mostly it's 165grs, nosler ballistic tip, speer hotcor sp & btsp, hornady interlock sp & btsp.

180gr nosler ballistic tip, speer hotcor sp, hornady interlock btsp, Winchester power point sp and round nose.

Doesn't matter which brand bullet or weight they all group well in my 308 bolts, levers and semi.

And they all work well on deer, hogs and the occasional packs of livestock killing dogs.

Figure if i need a lighter faster bullet i got smaller caliber rifles for that. And if need heavier faster bullet i got magnum rifles for those.
Care to share your load?

That sounds weird
Alpha SP Brass
Fire Formed and Annealed
FL Sized Shoulders Bumped .001"
Neck Tension .002"
Remington 7.5
46.9 Grains of Varget
Berger 155 VLD Hunter jumping .093"
COAL around 2.887"
SD of 6.2
ES 15.3

This averages about 2840 from a 22" 1:12. I ran it up to 2900 FPS and started getting big ejector swipes and heavy bolt lift. SD's were wild too. It was bordering on too compressed, so I backed off until everything flatted out. 2840 seems to be this barrels sweet spot. Will hold sub 1.5 MOA at 300 yards. I had planned on pushing it out 550 this past Sunday, but I didn't want my bullet to land in SW Texas.