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.360 Buckhammer Thread


Sep 12, 2023
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I'm slowly gearing up for this round. No real reason, other than it's new and looks cool. I thought we might start a thread to discuss load data, ammo and any real world experiences.

Hodgdon has a little bit of published data but not much. I've been comparing load data from the .35 Remington to .360 and it seems like about 2 grains more in the same powders .360 v's .35. Varget and LVR look promising to push a 180 past 2200 FPS.

Brass is non existent at the moment unless you recycle from factory ammo. That is my current plan. Federal and Remington so far.

Carry on
From what I read the buckhammer is based off a 3030 case,

I been thinking about one myownself
From what I read the buckhammer is based off a 3030 case,

I been thinking about one myownself
Same. I've seen where guys are making .360 brass out of .30-30 since it's the parent case, but I wonder about the brass thickness being the same?

I picked up a bunch of 180 grain Hot-Cores from Speer this week.
Personally I am holding out for .300 Buckfucker or .25 Doe Dagger.
Watched a bunch of videos today on making .360 Brass from .30-30. Pretty straight forward, but by the time I buy a chop saw, jig for the .360 case, .30-30 Virgin Brass and a 35 Remington neck die, I'm sitting at 30 dollars less than just buying 300 rounds of Federal 180 grain RN.

I'm estimating about 10 plus hours of time just to form it and anneal 300 pieces as well. Maybe down the road I will work on making it. That's not 100% off the table.

Factory Ammo was the route I took. I can't get a definite answer on if .360 brass is nothing more than a blown out .30-30 case. I know it's the parent case of the .360, but are both cases the same thickness after firing it?
Looking at load data and comparing .35 Remington 180 grain (same bullet) vs the .360, it looks like the .360 is 4-6 grains more in those loads. I'll have to start low and work up for sure.

I'll Chrono my factory stuff and that will give me a velocity to achieve and know where death is.

Probably going to work with LEVERevolution only for now. Might look at Varget for its temp stability
Conditionzero, your going the wrong way! What you are looking for is the 361 Ramslammer it is .001 bigger and hey bigger is always better! Murica! Come around hand!
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Perhaps the 362 Bearbasher?? 363 Elephanteraser?
Spoke with Eric at Possum Hollow and he is going to make me a Bore Guide for this caliber in my Henry X.
Weight a 360 case & a 3030 and see if they're similar in weight.

Wish they'd bring back the 356win in the 20" 94xtr & 336er, figure a 225gr fp & rn bullet at 2300+fps be just fine.

Course I'd like an affordable 22" savage 99, win & 88 browning blr in 358win too.
Have 250gr 2300fps, 200gr 2500fps & 180gr 2700fps with spire points.

But 360 would be just right in the woods.
Weight a 360 case & a 3030 and see if they're similar in weight.
They won't be. You have to cut off a 1/4" ish off the .30-30. Case length on the .360 is 1.800" and the .30-30 is 2.030"ish
They won't be. You have to cut off a 1/4" ish off the .30-30. Case length on the .360 is 1.800" and the .30-30 is 2.030"ish
Ok, I need to read up a bit more on the case

1/4" give/take is bout the 3030 neck length to cut off case, then trim to 1.800" with pilot gauge.

I get one. I'll figure it out, most likely put case in my trimmer motor tool, spin it while using a fine tooth blade to cut a tad long, the trim to length with pilot gauge cutter.
I know it's not really rile related, but it is 30-30 case related. I have made some pretty good 41 mag. Shotshells out of 30-30 brass. Use a 410 shot cup with the fingers cut off. Cut the brass the length of your cylinder. And glue on an over shot wad, they hold almost 1/2 ounce of 12 shot and they will screw up the reptiles.
15 rounds of Federal 180 Power-Shok in, and I'm remind of why I don't like factory ammo in a rifle much.

Averaging 2413 from this rifle though.
Spoke with a guy at Hodgdon today for a good half hour on loads, powders etc. He had some good info to pass on. Steered me away from LEVERevolution for now. He said they haven't had enough time to test with it to feel comfortable releasing anything.

He's been running CFE Black with the 180 and while it's about 50 FPS slower than 1680, he likes it for the reduced copper attributes. I'll be pushing these Hot-Cor's close to 2500 FPS, so 50 FPS less isn't the end of the world.

When I mentioned the Hot-Cor's he asked how'd I get them lol. Told him I bought them several months ago in anticipation for this. I've got the only 600 I could find.

I'll pick up some CFE Black tomorrow. Still waiting on dies from RCBS
What's wrong with the Federal ammo Rockchalk?
What's wrong with the Federal ammo Rockchalk?
It didn't meet my accuracy expectations. Way too much extreme spread. OAL's were pretty wide. All 15 boxes had various primers. I counted 4 different finishes on them. I'm pretty sure the bullet is a Remington as they look identical. Cases were pretty dingy. None of this is unsafe or horrible in anyway, just off putting. I get the feeling they threw this together too quick to meet the small demand.

It's good enough to take a Deer or Hog inside 200 yards. I can't see shooting it any further due to drop and drift. 50 yard groups were 1ish, but it opened up to 2-3" at 100 and 150.