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458 Socom makes me grin

I have shot a bunch of pigs with the good old SOCOM. I use the 325 gr flex tip and no matter the size, I have never recovered a bullet from inside a single one. I did find the little plastic tip on the flex tip in one once, but never had a pig "trap" a bullet. Biggest one I shot was 287# on the scale. That bullet went through both front shoulders and all innerds in the way to include both lungs and heart saw dust from the bullet hitting the dust in the sendero about 30 yards behind it. Love me some SOCOM..... but I got my doubts of how well it will do against the tough armor of a "Diller" 🤣🤣🤣
I wish I had built this when I first wanted to down in Texas, and was near hogs. Now I'm up north and nothing 458 Socom worthy to hunt.
Seen a herd of them in sulpher's chick nation park yesterday