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6.5 Creedmoor Hunting Bullet opinions wanted


Sep 12, 2023
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Buddy has a Sig Cross in 6andahalf Creed. He's a good dude and I wanna do something cool for him. He bought some Winchester factory 120 grain stuff that didn't shoot well. I know I can do better.

He's a budget guy, realistically wont be sending anything further than 200 yards. I want him to have a good 400 yards smoking power if needed. He's a high shoulder guy and would not pull a neck or head shot, so he needs a good kill bullet. Might shoot 5-6 rounds out of the gun a year, so 50 custom loads for the rifle will last him a bit.

I found hidden in my stash, a 50 count box of Peterson SRP lot of Virgin 6.5. This will be perfect for him. Now I need a bullet. I love Berger's, but I've never hunting with their hunting line. I did run some 215 grain VLD Hunting in my .300 with good accuracy results. Also considered the Barnes 120 TTSX. Never hunted with it before though.

Any real world data or opinions would be appreciated. I'm about 5 years late to the party on asking this question I'm sure. I just don't pay attention to typical hunting bullets. I have dropped plenty of deer with a match bullet on neck or head shots inside 300 yards to not have given a damn on expansion etc. Last deer I did a high shoulder shot on was with a buck at 225ish and it was with a Partition from a 7mm STW and it ran well over 200 yards with 3 legs, an exploded set of lungs.....

Thanks in advance
I got some 143 factory loaded ammo from hornady.


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I load 129 grain SST’s and 143 grain ELDX for my grandson and daughter
He called me this evening and I guess he's been doing some research on his own. Asked about the Barnes 127 grain LRX.

That seems like an explosive bullet in gel tests.
Got 100 of the LRX 127 grains today. Working on some numbers to set up a Satterlee test
I've shot Berger 130gr tac hybrids, 140gr hybrids, and the 135 hunter (its an inbetween hybrid) all with excellent results and all super accurate...in 260R and 6.5cm
I’ve used Berger 180 gr hunting VLD’s and they have been devastating on both deer and antelope. That’s about all I shoot in my shortmag