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Any Mosin nut/geeks in here?


Dec 20, 2023
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I'm trying to figure out what I have. I have two M38s and one M44. Is there a website I can reference? I'll post some pics in the next day or so.
I've shot some but never owned any or wanted to. But, here's what I found:

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I've got a M44, and would like to have an M38, but I don't know shit about them and I bought it for giggles and because it was cheap. Probably haven't shot it a dozen times and that was always around dark so I could see the flame shoot out the muzzle.

Good luck with your search. I had a blast researching my CMP 1911.
There's gotta be old coots who have basements full of them by now, just rusting away or waiting for the guy to die so the kids can come in and liquidate it all to the next old coot.

People used to buy them by the fucking crate, and some would just leave the crate intact as a display piece.

Most were cheaply made guns meant to arm warm bodies who were sent to the front lines to fight a war of attrition. It's absurd that they are now going for $300+ per rifle.