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Dec 30, 2023
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BladeHQ talks to Ernest Emerson about the Emerson Automatic Knife Company's new Ed Calderon-designed Elvia automatic:

I have the Calderon-designed Tops El Pionero, which is basically a defensive paring knife with micarta scales. The notch in the back of the knife handle is kind of his trademark--it's a nod to something his mother (the Elvia for whom the new knife is named) did to her knives. Living in Mexico, she couldn't carry a gun, but needed something for defense, so she'd carry a small kitchen knife. To be able to index it without looking, she'd sit down on the curb and use it to wear a notch into the spine side of the handle.
I wish emerson actually made nice knives. They are so iconic, but dang the quality on all of em are just.. bad
The CQCs and Commanders are still pretty good knives. I liked them better though before they started doing the wave blade. I still have a pre-wave Commander I got way back in 2002 for a best team award. I don’t like any of their wazoo knives…they look stupid
Boy, that thing must have opened a boatload of Amazon boxes...
lol, NO.
Opened a lot of beers and cut up some animals, and a lot of 550 cord. Commo wire too among other things
Huh. It looks like Tops is making a blacked-out version of the El Pionero.
I like how holmes unsheathed that knife...very ninja like.

Anyway, I like Tops. They have some wazoo knives but they have some really serious blades. Always really good quality.
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What do you all use to sharpen serrated blades?
As I recall, Sal from Spyderco said to sharpen it like a normal knife in his video for the Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker, but he was specifically talking about using the Sharpmaker. I think he only used the edges of the stones for it, not the flats, but it has been a little while since I watched the video.

I don’t think I’ve ever tried to sharpen a serrated edge, which is kinda odd considering that all but one of my Spydercos are at least partially serrated. The only serrated blade I regularly carry is the Spyderco Copilot that I use as a money clip, and it very rarely gets used as a knife. I have an old Police Model that’s fully serrated that I carried a lot when I was regularly having to strip wires, but I greatly prefer a plain edge for almost all of my daily knife-y tasks.