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Interesting new automatic blade tech


Dec 30, 2023
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How 'bout a magnet-driven automatic knife? The Winterblade Co. M-Fire is, at least according to TC from SMKW, the first "true" OTS magnet-driven automatic. The knife's style doesn't exactly trip my trigger, but the magnetic firing mechanism looks cool. In addition to being an automatic, because there are no springs involved, the mechanism doesn't have to hold the blade closed, so it can also function manually. Plus, if you're traveling to one of those backwater jurisdictions where mere plebes aren't to be trusted with autos, you can remove the magnets, turning it into a completely manually operated knife.

So far, the only mention I've seen of it was on this week's New Knives of the Week, so I'm embedding the video below. If the embedded start time doesn't work, jump to the 25:36 mark.


Winterblade Co. doesn't seem to have it listed on their site, at least I couldn't find it a few minutes ago, but here's a link to their site. Apparently, they're big into magnet-driven mechanisms.

ETA: apparently the forum couldn't automagically extract the video ID from the YouTube short URL, so I redid it with the full URL and manually appended the time code.
I absolutely hate winterblade nonsense. But, hey, different tastes are great!