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For Sale Chicken coop


Dec 19, 2023
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Northeast OK
IMG_8353.jpegIMG_8354.jpegIMG_8356.jpegIMG_8355.jpegBuilt this myself (I swear if I hear one brisket comment 😁. . .) We are moving and already have a coop at the new place and all our chickens are already there so I don’t need this. I’ll probably just leave it if no one buys it. I think $400 is a fair price considering how much coops are going for these days. Floor is built solid with 2x6 joists and 3/4” ply with a sheet of linoleum on top to keep from rotting. Legs are PT 4x4. 2x4 walls with plywood siding. Metal roof. Anyways, it’s heavy cuz it’s build solid and it’ll easily hold 25 birds. Most we had in there was 28 or 29 with a rooster. 4 nest boxear. Big clean out door and a small walk door. Needs cleaned out and it’ll be good to go. PM me if interested and I’ll give ya my number for text or call. Thanks all! Oh, and I could be enticed with a trade I suppose. Doesn’t hurt to ask