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Dec 31, 2023
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Not sure where to put this so it goes here for now.

I’m looking forward to hearing from @KurtM about the first three gun match out in AZ. If someone has a link to an already existing thread and wants to delete thissun that’s cool.
Well stupidity reigned supreme in my world. I ended up 8th in Limited division, which is red dots and iron sights. I ran by a couple targets, which costs you 15 seconds each. I shot the long range stage which has targets full size IPSC targets, from 489- 627yds and dialed my sight up to 500. On the next stage we had 12 10" steel plates from 110 to 312 and I couldn't figure out why I was missing. DUHHHH.... as soon as I remembered I dialed my sight back down to my 300 yard zero and then went one for one.... Added 20 seconds to my overall time. Then called it off on a shotgun pistol stage by shooting really fast shotgun, transitioned to pistol and shot that great, but forgot the last 3 pieces of steel on the very last position, because I got too close to the wall to see them, real rookie mistake. Had a blast, hung out with great friends shot 11 stages with tons of moving and shooting. Shot 275 rifle, 300 pistol, 140 bird shot, 10 slugs and 24 buckshot! Was a great match.... Hopefully I bring a brain next time.
Look at the bright side. You got all of the crap out of the way first thing so the rest of the season is all chicken but the gravy. 😁