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Dillon rust prevention?


Jan 4, 2024
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I've not had the ability to finish out my reloading room as planned, so in the meantime have been storing the presses in the house. I need that space they're consuming...so I think I need to put them out in the building the reloading room is going to be in. Its water tight and all, but not climate controlled or insulated, and I worry about them flash rusting. Would a good coat of WD40 or something prevent that? Eventually the reloading room will get finished out, insulated and somewhat temperature regulated...but in the meantime?
Need to get it back like this, but better!

No to WD40, just no. It is mostly a water displacer and has very little protective qualities.

If you want to go all out, slather some regular old car wax onto any non-treated metal areas and let it dry; no need to buff off until you are going to use the presses again. It'll leave behind a layer of tacky wax. This is how I treat all my power tools that are stored in the garage all year long and they don't have any rust.
Anyone ever tried a ceramic coating?
I MIGHT be able to keep them in the house. Things get crowded in an old farm house with no closets. I had them on top of the safe, and need somewhere to put my 3D printer and that's about the only spot big enough. Looks like 2 Dillons and the printer will squeeze on top of it, so just need to find a new home for the Rockchucker.

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We use different rust prevention sprays all the time at work. Just don’t know if I would cover movable part or something part are going to move on. i would probably do a test spot that is easy to clean before a full send.

I use Fluid film. I get it at lowes. I use it on all sorts of metal surfaces that may rust. Learned about it from knife maker Billy Helton.
I use Fluid film. I get it at lowes. I use it on all sorts of metal surfaces that may rust. Learned about it from knife maker Billy Helton.
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Good suggestion. Literally stinks though because they have their stupid "scent" to try and cover up the lanolin/wool odor. But this is what the northern guys use for DIY rust prevention on trucks.
Boeing developed a line of products for the aviation industry called Boeshield. It’s not inexpensive, but it does what it’s supposed to when you’re dealing with a zero corrosion program. Some of the other products that have been listed are probably just what you need. For cast iron saw tables and similar stuff I just clean the them of dust, degrease with brake cleaner and liberally apply a coating of Carnuba wax.
I just use oil like break free on all the parts that may rust or move. I don’t worry about coated parts nor the aluminum, just clean them.
Did you ever set those presses up? They look new never used. Just wondering if you figured them out yet?
I have the 650 as well and on several parts I spray painted so I didn’t have to worry for rust.
Mine is in the garage and I have no issues with rust.
On the parts that may rust that I didn’t paint,
Ever so often I take the hornady one or Dillion spray lube and coat the parts.