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Question/Thoughts on Dedicated Room for Reloading


Dec 19, 2023
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I’m in the process of getting a new shop, and it’ll have a new reloading area setup. My original plan was to build a small room in the shop for reloading, but I’m questioning the need for an enclosed room verses just having a dedicated area in the shop. The shop will be 1200 sq Ft, and it will be insulated. I’m leaning towards a mini split HVAC system along with a wood burning stove. It won’t be cooled/heated on a regular basis. I will be doing some woodworking in the shop as well which will create a fair amount of dust. Would you guys build a small room for reloading, or just have a reloading bench in the shop? Also, what is your recommendation for storing powders in an area without a dedicated HVAC system?
Separate room for sure

Store powders in your house instead? Take to shop when reloading?
I keep powder in a metal cabinet in the shop. However, a separate room that’s insulated would be perfect. Then you don’t have worry about atmospheric/environmental issues when you load.
I have a shed with heat and air it’s not on all the time I keep everything out there
My reloading room is a bedroom in my house. IF I was considering having it in my shop it’d definitely need its own room. The things I do in my shop involve a bunch of dust, grinding and sparks. I like my reloading stuff clean. Yeah I definitely prefer my reloading stuff having it’s own room.
Thanks for the responses guys. Looks like I’ll be building a room as originally planned, and I’m glad that you guys confirmed it. Thought maybe I was overthinking the need for a dedicated room. My wife and I are downsizing our house considerably at the new place so we won’t have a spare bedroom. It’s just going to be a two bedroom where the second bedroom will mostly be used as an office. We are making a serious attempt at keeping all of our kids from wanting to move back home. Fucking mooches! JK… I love my kids, but they are moving on with their lives.
When we bought our place, it had about a 25x25' shop already, but with no overhead door, insulation or wiring. I ended up building a 12x12 interior room, complete with its own top. Wired it up with a few receptacles and lights, complete insulated, and used the top as extra storage loft. Sometimes is seems as I've outgrown it, but it still suffices. No climate control, but I did buy a portable a/c that works well (and has saved us when our home a/c has issues!) and use a small electric heater when needed.
Separate room,
For all the reasons above plus you won’t have dust issues when working or the door open plus if you have ppl come over you will be more discreet