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Electronic scales temp sensitive?


Dec 22, 2023
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How warm should it be in your room before using your electronic powder scale?
I don't know if there is a specific temp, but I do mine in a climate controlled room and leave it on warming for up for a few hours before I load.
It’s 66 degrees here in my shed now it would be warmer but I loose some heat due to the north wind seeping around the door I leave the scale turned on most of the time especially if I know I’m going to be using it soon
After I was done loading 50 rounds last night the temperature had dropped from 66 degrees to 60 degrees I recalibrated my rcbs chargemaster lite and rechecked some charges were all good I then charged 3 cases one with 40.0 grns the next was 42.0 then 43.2 the temperature was 60 degrees I went out this morning I left the scales on all night the temperature outside was 24 degrees F I calibrated the scales and reweighed the 3 cases and all 3 measured the same at 24 degrees that they did at 60 degrees I left the brass charged and I’m going to check it again tomorrow when it’s supposed to be warmer but it’s good to know that I could load in colder temperatures though if I had to