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Exclusive hands-on with the new British Army AR-15: The KS-1 (L403A1), with Jonathan Ferguson

That organization that was made for is the limeys' version of the SFAB...the Army's effort (Mark Milley the fat fuckin POS) to mass produce SOF, but call it something else.

The scope is really good, it's not the regular 1-10x. Rifle is a KAC, so you know what you're getting. That can is loud AF. Just recently got to stand next to some guys using it and it was the loudest one on the line among 3 or 4 booths and it glowed like a light bulb under a thermal so...
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and it glowed like a light bulb under a thermal so...
Yeah, that thermal thing didn’t sound right when he said it. Cans aren’t exactly known for being cool to the touch after use…
I think that "can" is more like a moderator, not suppressor. Kinda like the XM177E1 attempt to make short barrels less loud (and function better for dwell time). For the amount that soup can moderates, I'd rather have the barrel length because 556 really only has one thing going for it and that is velocity, and the shorter barrels seem to lack the one thing it needs.
Not much of a Knight fan either after having some dealings with the old man Reed, maybe Jr. is better but tree, apple...well anyway.
I would agree with that, it’s really close to being a moderator. Not a lot of flame, but loud, like extremely loud.
And I agree on the barrel length thing. They could’ve put a 14 1/2”barrel on that (or even a 16” if you got all wild and shit) with and over the barrel suppressor and got a lot more ass out of that gun than what they got now and still met the length spec. I’ll have to go see what cartridge they’re gonna use. If it’s 855 then it’s crap.