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Factory Browning X-Bolt Barrel Unfired Cleanout


Sep 12, 2023
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I see some YouTube video's where guys are shooting a rifle "Untouched" or "Uncleaned straight from the factory". Are these guys really not cleaning out a barrel of the factory gunk prior to the first round?

I'm curious to what the military guys think on this. Regardless of your thoughts on break in or cleaning, I've always been under the impression that cleaning out the factory crud is a must do.

These are from from my barrel this afternoon. Stock X-Bolt barrel from a factory new rifle that was covered in packing oil. Inside and out. Top left was dry patch over jag after running a bore scope down it. Looked like the scene from Waterworld when the old man was in the "Black stuff" pit. Left to right was patching out dry patch over jag in order 1-7

Patch 8 was patch over jag with patch soaked in Patchout.

Patch 9 was patch in plastic patch loop soaked in Patchout run back and forth in bore 50 times to soak.

I have the barrel soaking right now and will run a nylon bore brush soaked in Patchout with Accelerator.

My unit had brand new rifles delivered to are unit before we shipped out. I have see brand new rifle come covered in oil. We had one hell of a cleaning party the next week. But for factory rifles or barrels bought at a store. I’ll just run a brush one time then a couple of patches. After that let the fun begin.
nice, looking forward to this one. my ladies are dirty.
Nice and clean. #1 was after a soak then 50 pass scrub.