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Glock Kiniffe

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the Glock knife. I know that they’ve been making them since before the most magnificentous mechanical marvel stormed ashore in ’merca.

To a jingoistic American who was told his entire life that there’s Randalls, Kabars and then novelty items they appear butt heavy. I’ve never handled one myself though they’re inexpensive enough.
It’s made like a bayonet. Pretty good steel, plastic handle, good scabbard fit. The edge had a burr that was pretty significant for the entire length, so I just sharpened it got rid of the burr, it’s like a razor blade. Not really exciting. It would be a good field knife. I probably wouldn’t buy one but since I got it for free, it’s probably good for stabbing things and cheesecake.

I would definitely take any of my Randalls, or my Chris Reeves, or my KaBars, or even my LaRue over it.