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Link between violent dreaming and Parkinson's/Dementia

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They don't try to make me download an app to read their clickbait like MSN does. And if something interests me (like this did) I always go back and do some more research. I find this extremely interesting given both my paternal grandmother and my father had some of the most violent nightmares I've ever seen anyone have.

My grandmother actually chased my grandfather out of their bedroom one night with a ball bat because she was dreaming he was her rapist. Most of my dad's dreams centered around Korea.

Anyway, they both developed Parkinson's that progressed to dementia and is what killed them both. And both had significant symptomology by the time they were my age (66). I have what is termed essential tremor, but that is not related to Parkinson's in any way and I am not showing any signs of early Parkinson's so I will count my blessing and continue to check in with my neurologist yearly.
Neuro diseases are a MFer. I don’t care who throws the flag, any kind of early detection can make a lot of difference.
Idk if Parkinson's was the cause,

But I worked with a man whom got a bit scrambled, some days worse than others.

he went to a good doc and after a shitload of tests & referral visits to other good docs over course of months was diagnosed with early onset dementia.

He was in his early 50's, he knew something was up cause he knew we were covering his work that he forgot to complete, and he spoke with us his co-workers & advised his mother's side had cases of early onset dementia,

iircc it took a while before the appointment day with the first doc.