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OK Ballistics Brass Marker


Sep 9, 2023
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V1 Parts List

Brass Marker Chassis1STL
Brass Marker Case Insert - .470" (308 Win)1STL
Brass Marker Pen Holder2STL
M3 x 6mm Socket Head Screw3https://www.mcmaster.com/90751A110/
M3 x 12mm Thumb Screw5https://www.mcmaster.com/99607A272/
M3 Heat Set Insert8https://www.mcmaster.com/94459A140/
1/4-28 x 4" Countersunk Screw2https://www.mcmaster.com/92210A433/
1/4-28 Nut2https://www.mcmaster.com/92673A116/
1/4 Washer2https://www.mcmaster.com/92141A029/


I got bored the other night while I was reloading some 308 that had some old sharpie marks on the bottom. I had seen another brass marking jig but didn't really want to drop coin on it, and also I wanted it to be a little more configurable. I got inspired also, as I looked to another bench in my shop where I do electronics work and it has a bunch of resistors. So I designed a prototype (what you are seeing) where you can configure the bands and colors to mark your brass. This way, if I am shooting M4's/M5's with @rockchalk06 who marks his brass like a heathen, there will be no confusing my brass :LOL:

Anyways, after I get to a stable V1 I will post the files and build list for those who have a 3d printer.

This stuff makes me moist.



  • OKB_Brass_Marker_Chassis_V1.stl
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  • OKB_Brass_Marker_Pen_Holder_V1.stl
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  • OKB_Brass_Marker_Case_Insert_308_V1.stl
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When you throw a can on that M5, you'll know why I mark the case head 🤣

That is sharp though
I made some adjustments to the marker holder. Before I was using bolts, washers, and wingnuts, and clamping force. I found some heat press threaded inserts in my shop, perfect for this. This also allows for using much smaller diameter paint markers etc. After some tests everything is working good, I am going to order some thumb screws and I think that will be set for a V1.


I will get something like this

will it make it easier to find 6 ARC brass 🤣. I will spend a long time looking for that when it’s shot and the brass rolls away.
will it make it easier to find 6 ARC brass 🤣. I will spend a long time looking for that when it’s shot and the brass rolls away.
Might be worth investing in black light markers and an illuminator. Then everyone will wonder why you’re always the last one to leave the range.
Now you need to make an auto feed hopper, a little stop with a contact wheel to turn them and a robot arm to stack them in boxes then down a conveyor Into your range bag. After that you can build a cleaning robot so all you have to do is pull the bolt and set the rifle in a fixture then hit a button. You can wipe down the bolt youself so you still feel like a part of the process… 😂
You need to start loading, bruh
Currently I don’t have the space or time. Once we’re done with this remodel we’ll be selling this house and buying more house, on more land. Next spring I’ll be done with school and will have a lot more time to do stuff. I’m already planning out the office/gunroom that I’ll build in the shop, def gonna make sure I put my reloading stuff in there too.
Thinking about it, they are super cheap to make. Will have to do some math if you are really interested. I orders an OD-ish green color filament also. I would want to make a how-to maybe to explain the features.

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I'd be interested. Do the math and let us know! I'd rather pay you than do all the reverse engineering and construction myself.