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Powder prices


Dec 22, 2023
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I bought a couple pounds of H4350 a few months ago for I think $40 today I stopped at academy and they had a pound there for $75??
Only going to continue to go up, gone are the days of $35 to $45 8lb jugs of powder.

Look at all the different powders & primers you use and buy as much as you can afford to.

I wish that I would have bought a hell of a lot more back when I could afford to bulk buy powder & primers to max out hazmat for each.

2A will keep firearms for sale, but ammo & reloading components prices will get so expensive you can't afford ammo to shoot.

See a lot more people buying bp firearms since some shooters are even making their own black powder & damn near every reloader/hobbyist has casting gear to cast bullets.

I do miss seeing the very affordable cva rifle & pistol kits and muzzleloader gear including powder for sale at walmart, target, tg&y, otasco & near every sporting good shop around.
The powders PRS guys use (H4350, Varget, N550, N160 etc) are going up and up. You'll save if you get an 8#er. If you're loading for 6.5 Creedmoor, try N160. If I didn't have 18 pounds of H4350, it'd be my next choice. Just not as temp stable
Also, Vihtavuori powders are still reasonably priced for 2024. I bought an 8#er of N570 for a tad over 3 bills last week
Cowcatcher told me about that I believe
I’m still running H4350. I have seen it from 50 to 75 a pound. Just have to look around sometimes. For me most of the time fuel prices / time vs spending the money.