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Testing 143 grain eldx

This time of the year, I watch the sun rise and am done by 0800 😳
This time of the year, I watch the sun rise and am done by 0800 😳
Well that was my intentions but didn’t happen that way I have been playing with seating depth and gave up because I never noticed any difference and was getting low on powder
When I had my problems with ed and sd on my 6.5. I found it was the brass not being consistent. I did switch to alpha brass and things got better. Plus, start annealing your brass. It will help with consistency. I’m still doing it the cheap way and it works.
I'm not a match shooter or good shot but I have made an effort to load consistent "target" ammo.

By effort I mean to say I bought a lot of bulk brass, bullets, primers & 8lb jugs of powder, all same brand & lot # etc, then...

For initial 1st loading, I full length sized, trimmed & champer all cases to same oal, squared primer pockets to same depth, champer flash hole inside & out, then I tumbled/polished the cases.

Then each case & bullets were weighed & segregated & marked into same weight lots.

Then I loaded 20rnd test loads, each charge weighed on a beam scale.

When got the most accurate load, I loaded remaining brass & bullets.

For second & additional loadings I necked sized & trimmed to oal.

After a while of doing this kind of loading, I figured it took to much funds & effort to buy components to load "target" ammo since I most likely wasn't going to ever shoot nothing but paper plates a 1000 yards away.

I could settle for hunting ammo that will do 1 1/2” or less five shot groups at a 100 yards and be happy.

Besides I read carlos hathcock's first model 70 06' sniper rifle in vietnam had a peppered bore & was a 2moa rifle and he still had confirmed hits a long ways away.