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Light 6.5 creedmoor bullets for hunting?


Dec 22, 2023
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I ha acquired some 85 HP and some 100 grain HP bullets to load has anyone that hunts with the 6.5 creedmoor ever deer hunted with any like this? I know it would make a good varmit round I shot a doe once when I was young with a hollow point from a 25-06 sure made a mess inside
Check oit this twist rate chart. It will help figure out if it’s worth it.

I tried some 120's when I first started when with 6.5 and hated them. I should note, that's with a typical lead core bullet. I was jumping them so far to get a comfortable amount of bearing surface in the neck, I didn't want to explore it any further.

I can't imagine I'd feel any different with an 85. Almost wonder if that'd be better suited in a Grendel?
That bullet wasn’t on the list Clint and I was thinking along the same line rockchalk maybe for a Grendel sierra does show several loads for it in the creedmoor