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Vortex red dot warranty


Dec 29, 2023
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I know their solid warranty isn't a secret, but since I bitch and moan about bad service, I felt like I should pay homage when earned.

I bought a pile of red dots and a magnifier a few years ago and promptly shelved it all. The sparc AR had the aaa battery installed and shockingly, it took a crap at some point and killed the unit.

I emailed vortex, they sent a shipping label, and within about 14 days I had an updated version of the red dot back from them.

Almost feel guilty. For a cheapish Chinese red dot, pretty amazing service, imo.
I don't get why people trash on them. The VAST majority of shooters are shooting in such a way that they can take good care of their gear. Guys jumping from helicopters or rappelling over walls aren't even considering Vortex in the first place.

But somehow those 2 crowds have merged together at some point and decided to rag on Vortex.

I have 2 of their Viper scopes and they're both made in Thailand, so it isn't all Chinese junk. But we are now living in the age of Holosun which is basically a "China=Good" case study so...
Vortex customer service is first rate.

I also have 2 Vortex Sparc AR sights because PSA sucks and sells shit so cheap I can't not buy it...even when I don't need it. Different conversation though.

Didn't have a problem with either after a year of mostly light use. Went to shoot one day and it wouldn't come on. No problem...just needs a new bat-tree. Nope. No matter what I did it wouldn't come on. Called Vortex with same result. After a day or two of having the sight the CS guy called me back and said they couldn't find anything wrong with the sight. It was working perfectly and they couldn't make it malfunction. He was very nice and professional and didn't call me a dumbass though I'm sure that's what he was thinking.

I got it back and it was working fine. I have no idea why I couldn't get it to power on.

Vortex is one of those companies that treat you right in an age where that's really rare.