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44 Magnum Hammer Down impressive numbers


Sep 12, 2023
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I like this guys stuff. He tested out the 44 Mag Hammer Down and got some good numbers for a 270 grain bullet.

If you don't handload, this might be a good round in your lever gun
I shoot the 250 grain 45 Colt in my 16" Henry and was really unimpressed by the speeds I got. Around 980 average. Haven't shot anything with it yet though.
If you don't reload 45 colt, get buffalo bore 45 colt +p loads, find out if your rifle can safely fire it first.

If you do reload then you can load the 45colt ammo up to it's full potential,

you do need to only fire it through revolvers that can handle it, like ruger blackhawks, original vaqueros & redhawks.

Sure there are other brands heavy duty revolvers & rifles too.
I shoot so few rounds of 45 Colt in my Henry that I haven't tooled up yet to load it. I bought a couple hundred rounds of the Hammer Down to try and smack a hog or a deer and see how it does.