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Budget friendly hot rod


Jan 4, 2024
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Well, been on the fence for something like this forbway too long and bit the bullet. I thought I wanted a 22-250, but I wanted to shoot fast and light for Pdogs. Most all stuff now is set up for heavies, or not threaded, or has internal box mag...so

Ruger American Gen2 in 204 Ruger.

I figure if the "heavy" 204 is about like the light 22-250 stuff, this gets me my goal for weight and velocity....and comes threaded and uses AICS pattern mags. Now, to see what bullet weight it likes!
.204 is a caliber I've never really considered. My old Sheriff swore by it for Dogs and Yotes
Threw a cheap Vortex 4-16 on it and picked up some 32gr ammo. Hopefully my 24gr stuff shows up tomorrow and I'll test it out this weekend.
I’ve been shooting the 40s out of my CZ forever. It’s an amazing round. I zeroed .75 high at 100 and just put the crosshairs in the middle of a yote out to 300. They hit the ground with rigor mortis. I’ve never shot across a chrony, but the box claims 3800 fps. It was better when the ammo was 11.50 a box.
What twist is yours?

I'm obviously a rook, the Rugers are 1:12 and from what I've read, that will do well with 39gr or lighter....40 could go either way, and heavier than 40 won't be good.
I'll be running suppressed so kinda paranoid about one coming out of the pipe wonky, so no can until I shoot a few boxes of each and make sure they're stabilizing.
According to the old factory data mine has a 1:12 twist. I put a Tasco 6-24 on it when I bought it. When I was zeroing it in the first time it would cloverleaf five shots and I shot five distinct groups in a one inch square while making adjustments. Mines the heavy barrel American with a set trigger, bone stock. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Light recoil, low report and absolutely hammers anything it hits. I’m curious how far it will actually be effective. When I bought it people hadn’t even started shooting across time zones and they were claiming 5-600 for small varmints.